Day 25: Not According to Plan

For months, nay for years, I’d thought about and planned my bucket-list halibut fishing trip.  I scheduled today’s halibut adventure more than seven months ago.  I dreamed about reeling in a 100-pound halibut.  I bought  a new freezer to hold the enormous shipment of halibut I would send home. I tantalized friends with thoughts of a share of my halibut bounty.  I mentioned halibut several times on this blog to whet everyone’s appetite.  And then the long-awaited halibut day came.  And went.  No halibut.  Not even any halibut fishing.

DSCF7509I awoke this morning before the 3:45 alarm could shake off sleep.  We left the hotel in the dark for our hour and a half ride to the launch side at Anchor Point with time to spare.  We avoided early morning moose and negotiated several road construction stretches.  We arrived at our destination as the sun was coming up on what looked like a perfect day and I passed time framing pictures of  sunrise-orange snow-covered volcanoes across Cook Inlet and a couple of gorgeous Bald Eagles feasting at the water’s edge.  DSCF7520 But the six or so captains waiting to launch their boats talked to one another in guarded undertones.

“Are you going?”  “I don’t know, are you?”  “It’s rough out there.”

The ocean, I learned, was frothing with steep 3′-4′ waves, which would make fishing difficult if not impossible.

“It might be better further out.”  “I’ll go.”  “Let us know what it’s like.”

DSCF7513Our captain, Wally of Wally’s Guide Service, told the six fishermen signed up with him to load up.  We were going halibut fishing.  His 30′ boat sitting on its trailer was backed into the surf by a giant yellow former logging tractor.  Wally gunned the twin outboards and backed his craft into deeper water.

For an hour, we bounced across the rolling ridges of water like a motorcycle bouncing along pot-holed Alaskan highways, spray leaping over the cabin that kept us dry while the boat dropped hard into one watery trough after another.  Wally kept in touch by radio and cell phone with other captains.

“What’s it like where you’re at?”  “Bad and getting worse.”

We continued on.

“Maybe if you went south?”  “Arnie’s there and says its no better.  He’s headed back.”  “Damn.”

We idled for a while, the  horizon bobbing up and down while everyone pretended they weren’t getting a little queasy.

“Gentlemen, we’re going back to shore,” Wally resignedly told the six hopeful but increasingly glum fishermen, turned his boat around and set a course back to the launch site.  “You wouldn’t have enjoyed fishing in these waves and there’s no guarantee they’ll get smaller.  You wouldn’t even be able to stand on the deck.”  So back we went to the distant shore.

Guiding a 3o’ boat on a trailer in rough surf is no easy task, but despite scaring the Bjesus out of us as he headed straight for the trailer submerged behind the haul-out tractor at warp speed, Wally nailed the trailer dead center.  We came to a quick stop and were hauled back on shore by the big yellow tractor.  Our halibut trip–my bucket-list trip– had come to an end with nary a wet line less than three hours after it began.

DSCF7529While other returning boats were hauled up, Wally apologized again for not being able to complete the trip, but everyone agreed it was the right decision.

DSCF7526Mark and I had several non-rainy hours to kill, so we headed for Homer 15 miles away to make up for yesterday’s rain out.  A ride to the end of the road (literally) on Homer Spit, some hot coffee and a hot, fresh cinnamon roll, some sight seeing in Homer, a visit to the National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center,  a short hike to the beach, and a glimpse of a nesting eagle and her juvenile offspring, and we were back on the road to Soldotna.  DSCF7533

There we readied our bikes for tomorrow’s ride to Palmer, repacked our jumbled bags, and commiserated over a dark micro-brew beer about our missed halibut opportunity.  Hopefully, I’ll have another chance someday to check off that still unchecked bucket-list item.


7 responses to “Day 25: Not According to Plan”

  1. nuke53 says :

    We were both so looking forward to the halibut fishing and I knew Dennis had been waiting especially for this portion of our fishing adventure. Riding the 3-4 footers that then went to 4-5 footers was exciting and as Wally noted they were very sharp waves with one second up and the next second dropping into the trough! At times these were pretty dramatic looking at sky then water showing the power of the ocean has to be respected. While we wanted to fish we had to be able to stand in the back of the boat and had done nothing but hang on for our whole trip out. A wise decision by the captain Wally, while disappointing it was the safest for all.
    The weather was finally good today however rain in the forecast for the next few days with hopefully nothing heavy as we have seen.

  2. johnwest2343 says :

    halibut trip 2018! Ride safe

  3. Ruth says :

    Sorry about the Halibut Trip, but at least you felt better for a trip to Homer then you did the last time you were there. I remember a picture of you on a bench in Homer. Wishes for less rain for you.

  4. Duane Zaleski says :

    Sorry about the cancelled flat fish trip. It is hard for a guide to make that kind of a decision. but a safe one.I’ve done it twice for tornado warnings and the disappointment on the guys faces tell the story.,Seems like that part of Alaska is a jinks for you.As Miss Ruth said the trip to Homer was a bummer last time you were in that part of the state.Maybe the next trip out will brake the jinks.

  5. Henry Skinner says :

    Mother nature is always in control. Sorry!

  6. Ted Ringman says :

    Sorry to see the long awaited fishing cancelled. Maybe stop at McDonalds for a cod sandwich?

  7. shortkid says :

    Nooooooooo! Mother Nature can bite me! It just means you have to go back.

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