Day 24: A Rain Out

A trip to Homer had been in the cards for today, but a nearly constant rain on this side of the Peninsula kept us at or near our hotel today. After yesterday’s soaking we were content to stay dry if we could, and used the time to take care of various chores at a leisurely pace.

We both purchased new rain jackets today given the poor performance of our Harley-Davidson outerwear yesterday. I’m not sure why the HD jackets lost their repellency, but during yesterday’s outing they just absorbed water and passed it through. Deciding that money was an object, I found a thin rubberized jacket at a sporting goods store across the highway from our hotel and Mark opted for Frog Toggs. We may never need the new purchases the rest of his adventure, but if the rain gets heavy again between here and home we’ll be ready.  We can now double-layer rain gear if the going gets abysmally wet.

Late this afternoon, I learned from our EZ Limit Guide Service that our halibut charter gets underway at 0600 tomorrow. That’s pretty damn early. And the boat leaves from Anchor Point, about an hour and a half south of here toward Homer. Consequently, reveille for us will be at 4 a.m. or a little earlier followed by an early morning motorcycle ride through moose country. (Just an aside:  I saw a sign today that reported the traffic deaths of 239 moose on the Kenai Peninsula this year.  That’s a lot of crumpled fenders.)  We picked up something at a nearby grocery for breakfast in the morning since the hotel breakfast won’t be available that early.

DSCF7493The rain today finally stopped about 4:30 this afternoon and patches of blue began to appear in the south. I took that opportunity to locate and buy a quart of AMSOil for the bikes (both were about 1/2 quart low) and we gassed up for tomorrow’s ride. DSCF7500A short walk along the Kenai River behind our hotel this evening, where a few folks were having a little luck catching some Silvers, and then back to write this clearly inadaquet blog post and  turn in early turn for a short night.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s halibut adventure and something a lot more interesting to write about tomorrow night.


4 responses to “Day 24: A Rain Out”

  1. Duane Zaleski says :

    Should be a refreshing day tomorrow with getting up at 04;00 hrs. I love getting up around that time . Hope the rain will give you a break for your fishing trip. Man the river in your pic’s looks like it’s really moving fast. Good luck on the boat!!! Catch a big one.

  2. Jaylene (None) Dumas says :

    Dennis & Mark, today I was finally able to catch up on your big adventure……wow! I’m not sure if you are a couple of avid sightseers, devoted fishermen, terrific diplomats, renown consumers of pie, crazy bikers or just plain wonky, but I had a great time! Wishing you a dry day and some happy halibut encounters!

  3. nuke53 says :

    Did not have a chance to review Dennis post last evening but was glad when the rain finally stopped! No rain on Tuesday to speak of and will let Dennis update you on our halibut adventure.

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