Day 40 CCR: Family Stop

I left Nebraska as early as I could, in part, to take advantage of the cool morning temperatures and, in part, just to get out of Nebraska. The temperatures were cool for the first three hours of today’s 300-mile ride, but as the sun rose, so did the temperatures, and by 10:00 a.m. it was above 90°. I could see rain clouds dropping their load off in the distance in front of me and weather radar indicated that I might get wet. With only 40 miles left to ride to brother Jon’s house, I put on my rain gear, just in case. I encountered some light rain and wet roads but nothing significant and I was dry by the time I pulled up to Jon’s property in Andover.

Jon bought this 1956 Chevy dump truck for $500. He got it running, but it’s not street legal. Someday it will be a giant flower pot.

The last time I was here, Jon provided tornadic entertainment (see below) but today all he had to offer was temperatures in the 90s. And tomorrow will see triple digit temperatures. Weather seems to be more important to me when I’m on two wheels than when I’m on four-wheels with air conditioning.

This picture was last May at Jon’s house. Not really relevant to the CCR, but it’s a great picture.

We relaxed most of the afternoon since it was too hot to do much outside, but I went out later in the afternoon to look at Jon’s several unfinished projects, some of which relate to his growing menagerie. He used to have a dozen chickens but a coyote nabbed eight of them, so he’s down to four with more on the way via U.S. mail. Really. You can order chicks and have them sent through the mail. Who knew. Since I was last here he added three turkeys and four guinea hens. For now, they’re in a pen part of the day, but he lets them roam the yard most of the time. He’s building a “chalet” for the turkeys with an enclosed run. I guess the guinea hens will stick with the turkeys, with whom they seem to have bonded. The chickens, when he has a full complement, produce more eggs than he can eat. I think he gives the extras away. He also has a dog, Harley, and his daughter’s cat visits often. No large animals. Yet.

Here’s Jon with one of his turkeys.
Guinea hens looking for something to eat in Jon’s garden.

Jon’s daughter Janice is using part of Jon’s 10 acres to develop a flower farm to sell cut flowers to florists and for special events. The flower farm is in the early stages, but she has several rows of flowers blooming this year. A rainy spring followed by a hot, dry summer, makes growing a flower farm challenging. Flowers always make good photo subjects, though.

Tomorrow I’ll wash some of the Canadian grime and bugs off my bike while temperatures are still comfortably in the 80s. And I’ll probably help Jon do something on the property. Then, when the thermometer tops 100°, I’ll load my bags on the bike and head for Topeka for a reunion with old friends.


2 responses to “Day 40 CCR: Family Stop”

  1. johnwest2343 says :

    Glad you had more calm weather this time even though the tornado pic is a classic.
    Enjoyed seeing Jon’s critter.
    Ride Safe

  2. nuke53 says :

    Sounds like a good family day! Enjoy your time! Ride safe.

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