Great Alaska Adventure: A Nice Change

Yesterday’s blog talked about bad weather, mishaps, and not much good. Today’s post will be the opposite. Seemed like everything went right today.

No rain! I looked up when I walked out of the motel this morning and thought I was seeing a big blue cloud since clouds were about all we’ve seen so far. Then I realized it wasn’t a cloud, it was a cloudless blue sky. Coolish–in the mid to low 70s–and for the first time we actually donned leather jackets. But the weather was the best we’ve had so far. And it lasted all day. About time.

Yesterday, you may recall, also involved CB problems. This morning I tested the two radios using a helmet borrowed from Sue West for granddaughter Hanna and everything worked fine. Problem is in the wiring in my helmet. So I wore Sue’s helmet today. John West pointed out in a text that it was probably a good thing he hadn’t bought her a pink one. From the bottom of my heart, John–Thank You.

Called J&M Audio this afternoon and ordered replacement parts for the helmet to be expedited for delivery to Bloomer on Wednesday. I’ll put them in and that should solve the radio problem and we’ll communicate happily ever after.

Marilyn kept her bike upright today and her ankle is healing quickly. See, everything went right.

About 10:30 I told Marilyn I wanted to stop at a family restaurant for lunch. At noon I saw a sign for “Delaney’s Family Restaurant” with an all you can eat country buffet. Didn’t I say everything went right today? And not only did they have fried chicken and shrimp and mashed potatoes and a 40-foot salad bar, they had a desert bar. With pie. I had cherry pie. And chocolate pie. And coconut cream pie. Oh yes I did.

We’re staying tonight at the Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee, just a stone’s throw from the Harley Davidson Museum, which I can see from my window. The Iron Horse is billed as a “boutique hotel.” I think ’boutique” is French for “expensive.” It is costly, but it’s an amazing place. Great accommodations. Great service. Great atmosphere. Walking distance to the museum and to a revitalized part of downtown called the Historic Third Ward where Marilyn and I strolled while making snide comments about 30-something yuppies. We saw a bar where you can drink and paint. And another one where you can drink and play ping pong. And one where you can drink and listen to live Jazz. And several more where you can just drink.

They brew a lot of brew here, given the Teutonic ancestry of so much of the population. Not wanting their brewing efforts to go to waste, I tried a couple with strange names: Buffalo Water and Central Waters Ouisconsing Red Ale. Tasty.

The historic Third Ward area is exactly what Jacksonville is trying to create downtown and never will. It was lively, safe, clean and eclectic. If you’re in Milwaukee, it’s worth a visit. You can drink or just make snide comments about yuppies.

Dinner tonight was chicken and donuts. You had to be there. What a great combination. Really.

Tomorrow we’ll go through the Museum and ride around and see some of Milwaukee before heading to Madison where we’ll meet Daughter Heather and some of her tribe.

“I can’t wait to get on the road again.”

Location:Milwaukee, WI


2 responses to “Great Alaska Adventure: A Nice Change”

  1. Mark says :

    Thanks for clearing the rain out! I am eating lunch in Columbia, SC headed to Michigan for a short family visit. So far all good and weather is starting to get on the warm side. Hopefully headed into better hills soon. Safe riding and clears skies!

  2. Vera says :

    So happy things have improved.
    My mother’s maiden name was Delaney! She was raised in Wisconsin. You might have seen my long lost relatives.
    We’re jealous of the 70 degree weather. Enjoy!

    George and Vera

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