GAR 2012 Day 2 near Walterboro

Today’s short ride (about 100 miles) took us to Beaufort, SC, on the coast. The weather was perfect and the ride was relaxing, following shaded roads in some places and picturesque low country at its best.

One of the best things about traveling is the chance to visit new places and be pleasantly surprised at what you find. John and Sue, who had been to Beaufort, told us it was an “artsy” village with lots of interesting shops. Their description, as far as it went, was accurate. But we also discovered that Beaufortians are proud of their past, which dates to the early colonial period, and includes pages from both Revolutionary War and Civil War history.

But the nicest surprise was an immaculate park that borders the marina. Swings, flowers, groomed grassy and picnic areas, great views of the waterfront. It was nice spending an hour taking it all in.

Back at the West’s house following the ride, we relaxed in the pool, soaking up rays and enjoying the camaraderie that marks this group.

And what Father’s Day would be complete without a little target practice. Strong believers in the exercise of our Second Amendment right to bear arms, most of group does just that. Even Marilyn and I took a few shots at a paper bad guy.

We continued to put a dent in the unseemly amount of provisions we hauled in yesterday. Tonight’s repast had a South of the border theme with venison tacos and spicy queso dip. We are waiting for the taco dust to settle before attacking several containers of ice cream.

Jack will lead tomorrow’s ride to the cabin in Maggie Valley and went over the route today. About 300 miles over mostly state and US highways with a great finish on a twistie through the mountains. Well planned down to the rest stops and lunch break. Weather forecast looks good again tomorrow.

“I can’t wait to get on the road again.”


One response to “GAR 2012 Day 2 near Walterboro”

  1. Ron Reynolds says :

    Sounds like you all are having a great time. Weather is good here as well, but the roads aren’t the same.

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