GAR 2012 Day 3 to Maggie Valley

I should start at the end of the day because that’s when the “adventure” began today. But I won’t. I’m going to make you read today’s whole damn blog.

Jack led today’s ride of nearly 300 miles, depending heavily on his imperfect GPS, yet getting us to our destination nevertheless. Actually, Jack did a great job and took us on some South Carolina back roads that made for pleasant riding, especially SC 703. Saw some deer crossing the road early in the ride. Jack seems to attract deer. No collisions today, though, so that’s good.

We saw all of Greenville we wanted to see during Jack’s shortcut to the Greenville Harley-Davidson dealer. A couple of shirts and a pin later we were back on the road. Sort of. Not only does Jack attract deer, he also appears to activate red lights. Eventually we made it out of Greenville and tackled our first mountain road. We were quickly reminded why they put tread on the sides of those Dunlops.

Saw some clouds and some wet roads but avoided the standard afternoon mountain showers so common to the Smokey Mountains. Got to Maggie Valley and picked up the check-in packet for the cabin. And now the adventure began.

From the check in location it was only two miles to the cabin (or would have been if we had made all the correct turns in the first place). But the two miles were straight up. Well not exactly straight up. There were five switchbacks to negotiate. Not a problem if you’re hiking. But on a fully loaded, 900-pound motorcycle it’s a little more of a challenge. The Great Adventure Riders rose magnificently to the challenge, powering through the hairpins with nary a toe touching the asphalt. With a collective total of about a dozen u-turns, we all made it safely to Saving Grace, the name given to our cabin by its owners. It was worth the ride up the mountain. This is a beautiful home with gorgeous views from the deck and the two-story living room.

Tomorrow the Great Adventure continues. Can’t wait.

“I can’t wait to get on the road again.”


One response to “GAR 2012 Day 3 to Maggie Valley”

  1. Deb Spadea says :

    Thank you Dr. D for starting this blog! I’m so happy to see you are all out enjoying life. Keep it up, and give everyone my love. ~ Deb

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