GAR 2012 Day 1 to Walterboro SC

265 miles through NE Florida, Georgia and South Carolina on mostly back roads and bypasses. John and Sue. Jack And Lori. Ruth and Steve. Marilyn and me. We left work and worries behind us. Well mostly. Today was a great way to start this 9 day adventure. Perfect weather, great roads. Having what I hope is minor issue with my bike involving the throttle sensor. Hope it doesn’t develop into a larger issue.

One of the best things about these kinds trips are the unique eateries you discover along the way. Th Purple Pickle in Darien Georgia, for example. Clearly not a chain. Local art on all the walls, including the unisex bathroom. Slow service gave us time to talk and good food gave us something to enjoy.

Arrived at the West’s in Walterboro about 6 p.m., making it a 7 hour ride. If you wanted to, you could do it 3 hours on the interstate, but who would want to? Headed immediately to the grocery store where we bought enough food for 16 people for a week. The 8 of us will be here 2 days. And we’ll probably eat all the food. Marilyn fixed a salad while I set fire to a half dozen ribeyes. My Jack D was sitting on the grill shelf and I singed my lips in the middle of my chef’s duties. But everyone enjoyed the steak and grilled corn on the cob.

The best part of the meal wasn’t the food. It was the friendship. This was a great way to begin GAR 2012.

“I can’t wait to get on the road again.”


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