MHT Day 2: Disappointment not Despair

When I posted last night, I optimistically suggested the electrical issues with my bike would be remedied in short order and I would be on the road again in a day or two at most.  This morning, the service manager at the Harley dealership in Morristown called to say that the earliest they might be able to diagnose and work on the problem would be Wednesday, but more likely would be Friday.  He added that if they had any cancellations of previously scheduled jobs they would try to work me in, but he didn’t expect that would happen.  It’s a small service department–only two or three technicians–and summer is peak riding season; I understand their inability to focus their attention on one impatient old rider who is extremely anxious to start logging miles again.

So, to my great chagrin, I’m hitting the reset button for this trip and will resume it just as soon as my Harley is road-worthy.  I’m hopeful that will occur Friday or Saturday, but the timing of the re-launch is out of my hands.  I’m not unpacking my bags and I remain primed and ready to restart my one-person, cross-country expedition at the earliest moment.

During their historic journey across America, the Corps of Discovery experienced countless disappointments, delays and detours, but they persevered, proceeded and overcame myriad difficulties.  I will do the same.

I won’t post again until I’m on the road or I have word that I’ll be on the road the next day.  For those who signed up for email notices when a post is made, you will know when the adventure recommences.  If you haven’t signed up for email notices, please consider that.  Or you can check back every few days to see if I’m rolling again.  Sorry for the disruption in the blog, but I’ll be back to reporting on the Magical History Tour soon.


5 responses to “MHT Day 2: Disappointment not Despair”

  1. Bill H. says :

    The quality of your vlogs assures me that the delay of a few days will not dampen the excitement to come. Eat more pie.

  2. Ronnie McCain says :

    Sorry to learn of the delay, be patient young grasshopper as time will tell. Speed of life happens for a reason my friend

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  3. nuke53 says :

    Sorry to hear about the delay but expect they will fix so you have a reliable steed for your adventure. Hope you are on the road soon!

  4. rollingontwo says :

    Such a bummer Dr. D. Glad you are safe and have great pie to eat! Think of it as a opportunity for Barry to pass. Take care!

  5. Jerry Jensen says :

    Ah yes, Dr. D. this too shall pass and ‘on the road again’!

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