Great Alaska Adventure: Heating Up

Rain was all around us when we woke up yesterday in Kearney, NE, but not on us.  I had originally planned to head directly south on state roads but that would have involved some rain, so we headed east on I-80 for about 80 miles then dove straight south.  That added about 30 miles of boring road to the ride, but it was fast and we avoided the rain all day, much to my delight.  For the first time since we left Florida the first week in June (except one day in Fairbanks) we were riding in 90 degree temperatures and I didn’t want to add the rain gear to the mix.

The ride was only a little over 300 miles and it was good road all the way, so even with a couple of breaks and an intentionally late start, we made it to Wichita by 3:30 and reconnected with my mother, my brother Jon from Wichita, and my brother Bob from California.

Jon, knowing my dietary needs, had a Village Inn Key Lime pie waiting for us.  

We had a nice visit but an early bed, so the blog didn’t get posted last night.

We’ll be here for a few days, probably until Friday, before heading out again.  There’s a real good possibility that Jon and his wife Ulla will join us for a few days on the way back and we’ll extend our trip (isn’t retirement great) for a few days to ride in the Missouri and Arkansas Ozarks.

I’ll try to keep keep posting everyday.  Maybe I’ll include a picture of Marilyn finally getting to sleep in after almost two months on the road.  


2 responses to “Great Alaska Adventure: Heating Up”

  1. Ski says :

    Nice to be dry. Been raining here all last week.

  2. margie says :

    Glad you are getting to see your family. Say Hello to your Mom for me. Lotza rain here. Miss you both. Glad Marilyn’s getting to sleep in. Be safe and God Bless.

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