Great Alaska Adventure: A Day of Rest

Today was the least active day we’ve had in  54 days.  I helped brother Jon install in microwave oven in a condominium he’s remodeling and Marilyn went to the store with my mother.  Other than that it was a pretty restful day.

I did plan a two day Arkansas trip with Jon that will extend the Great Alaska Adventure by two days.  He’s found a a “motorcycle only” hotel that’s in the middle of some really great riding roads in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  We’ll drive over there Friday, ride a little, ride all day Saturday (Ulla and Marilyn may occupy themselves part of Saturday in shopping pursuits), and then head home on Friday and arrive in Jacksonville on Tuesday.

Had a monster thunderstorm go through here an hour ago and discovered a leak in a basement window, so tomorrow may be a little more active.  I also have to try to knock some of the Alaska and Canada grime off the bikes, but it’s going to be in the 90s and humid, so I’m not sure how hard I’m going to work at it.

It was nice to have a day off with nothing to do but visit.


2 responses to “Great Alaska Adventure: A Day of Rest”

  1. Ski says :

    Didn’t realize that 54 days have gone by! Looking fwd to seeing you again. The bike only hotel sounds neat. Ride safe.

  2. margie says :

    Enjoy your rest, you deserve it and Marilyn deserves some shopping time. I keep forgetting to tell you that you have new neighbors. Military, expecting their first child. Be safe and God bless.

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