Great Alaska Adventure: Problems with blog


My normal blog posting program has quit working and I just tried an alternative.  After writing for half an hour, everything I had written disappeared.  Here’s the condensed version and then I’m quitting for tonight.

No more prairies and farms.  Moved into rolling hills and fragrant forests.  More rain in the afternoon.  Bikes are filthy.  On to Dawson City and the start of the Alaska Highway tomorrow.



Hopefully I’ll have better luck with the blog tomorrow.


3 responses to “Great Alaska Adventure: Problems with blog”

  1. Robert frobish says :

    If the blog isn’t working, post on Facebook until it comes back.

  2. Ski says :

    Sorry about the blog,up early to go riding before the rain comes. Looked at your route and I see snow on the higher elevations. Stay dry and warm.

  3. Shortkid says :

    Sorry to hear that wordpress is having issues. If Ski is right and there is snow in the upper elevations, please stay dry and warm and be careful.

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