Great Alaska Adventure: New Blog Editor

My previous blog editing program seems to have disappeared completely.  I can’t even find it when I searched the App Store.  So I’ve downloaded a new one.  I’m not sure how this works, so for the next few days every post will be a practice post.  Please stick around.  After all, this is an adventure.

OK.  We’re making progress.  I just published the first paragraph and got it to show up after about five tries.  Now I’m editing my first BlogPad Pro post by adding this paragraph.  If this works, I’ll try to add a picture.

Marilyn’s Filthy Bike

  OK.  This paragraph is the fourth update (including the first paragraph) and the picture.  Oh, by the way, don’t forget to click on the picture to see a full-size version.



2 responses to “Great Alaska Adventure: New Blog Editor”

  1. Beth says :

    So sorry to hear you are having problems with the blog. I eagerly await reading them every evening to follow your adventure. Very entertaining! Good luck!

  2. margie says :

    I feel your frustration. Things disappear for me all the time. Hope you can get it worked out as I enjoy keeping up with the adventure. Be safe and God Bless.

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