MHT Day 32: Back in Kansas Again

After leaving Linda’s ranch Thursday, I drove out of Wyoming, into Colorado, and today into Kansas.  For the next couple days I’ll visit with my brother Jon and sister-in-law Ulla, catching up on family matters and telling lies about out two other brothers who aren’t here.  Jon and Ulla also have company from Germany–her best friend from childhood, Petra, and her brother Axel.  So it’s a houseful but we’ll all manage for a day or two.

When I leave here in a few days, I’ll write a summary post like I did for my visit to Croonberg Ranch.  Then I’ll head back to North Carolina with a few notes along the way and a final wrap-up post when I’m back in Maggie Valley.

The Magical History Tour, it seems, is coming to an end.


One response to “MHT Day 32: Back in Kansas Again”

  1. nuke53 says :

    Try not to eat too much of Ulla’s GREAT cooking!!! Enjoy your visit! Ride safe.

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