F&F Tour Day 3:

I said I wouldn’t dwell on friends and family as I blog on this trip, and I won’t.  But just to report on my day:  Lucy (14) was sick and home from school when I arrived yesterday and woke up this morning feeling worse.  So she stayed home again today and made a brief visit to a doctor who gave her the usual cocktail of antibiotics for a sinus infection.  Poor thing.  She’s miserable but was still good company for me today as she detailed her first, abbreviated week in high school.

I left her long enough to have lunch with Hanna (22) who caught me up on her life and current aspirations.  It was a good conversation and nice to hear that she’s happy and doing well as she blazes a path through a forest of adult opportunities and challenges.

Today really was a non-active day for me, but I didn’t mind.  Just sitting and talking with granddaughters that I see too little of was a nice break.  I don’t expect that the next two days will be much different and I may not post a blog again until Friday when I get back on the road.

Thanks for checking in.  If you’re checking in from Florida or anywhere else where Harvey or Irma disrupted your lives, I hope you’re drying out and that flicking your light switches produce the desired result.  So far, all the Florida and Texas friends I’ve heard from have been spared serious damage.  Hope it stays that way.


2 responses to “F&F Tour Day 3:”

  1. nuke53 says :

    Enjoy the family!

  2. James Carr says :

    Didn’t know you were on the road again, “be safe”…..

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