Newfoundland/Labrador: Two days and counting

In two days I’ll be on the road again.  This time for 30+ days as I ride from North Carolina to Newfoundland and Labrador for a little look see in our neighbor to the North.  I’m ready now.  I’ve been ready for days.  I’m anxious to fire up the big V-Twin, raise the kickstand and roll down the road.  And I’m anxious once again to share the adventure with friends and family.

Thanks to everyone rejoining me on the blog after following Marilyn and my adventures last year as we putted our way to Alaska and back.  Believe me, knowing that friends and family faithfully followed our journey and enjoyed, vicariously at least, our travels and my attempts to record them turned out to be as energizing as straddling the big Harleys each day.  I can’t guarantee this year’s solo adventure will be as exciting or as interesting as last year’s two-month dream-come-true, but I promise I’ll try to take you along on another pie-filled adventure that will make you want to do something equally as crazy.

Clean bike, at least for now

I’ve packed and repacked.  I’ve checked the bike and put on a new front tire.  The fluids and the air pressure are at their proper levels.  Today I even washed and polished my Alaska Highway-scarred Ultra Classic.  I’ve worried about what to take and what I’m forgetting until I’ve probably driven Marilyn crazy.  She’s probably as anxious for me to get on the road as I am, though I think there’s a part of her (not the hind part) that wishes she was going on this ride, too.

Why Newfoundland? Well, I haven’t been there before. And I don’t have a Harley-Davidson t-shirt from there. And two North Carolina neighbors who went there several years ago highly recommended it. But mostly because when I looked at various Newfoundland/Labrador (it’s all one province) websites, it seemed like a great destination and a great place to ride. It has the northern end of the Appalachian mountain chain (which I can currently see from where I’m typing in my cabin); icebergs from the Arctic; an abundance of whales, moose and other creatures large and small; world class historic sites (e.g. the first European contact via the Vikings); music and folk festivals; summer theater; and plenty of gorgeous scenery and friendly people. Now, perhaps, I’ve come under the sway of the Siren Song of chamber-of-commerce PR hacks who just want me to come north and bring my U.S. currency. But I don’t think so. I think it’s going to be a great place to ride and visit. I’ll let you know over the next 30 days.

Each rocking chair comes with your choice of wine or Jack Daniels.

I’ll miss my little North Carolina cabin and the person who lives in it. And I’ll miss the frequent rides on North Carolina mountain roads and the always wonderful Blue Ridge Parkway. But they’ll be here when I get back. Once again, thanks for joining me on this year’s adventure. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Note: In the blog, click on the small pictures to see larger versions. In a day or so I’ll add a link to a Flickr album with new pictures each day.


3 responses to “Newfoundland/Labrador: Two days and counting”

  1. Ski says :

    Looks like a good send off up in NC.Ride safe my good friend. I’ll check in with you tomorrow night.

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