Great Alaska Adventure: Ozark Interlude

We spent all day yesterday trailing a huge rainstorm on the way from Wichita to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  We managed to avoid most of the heavy rain, sometimes by only 10 or 15 minute judging by the condition of the road and the ditches running full of muddy water.  The good news is that we didn’t ride through much rain.  The bad news is it took about 4 hours longer because we stopped longer and added more miles to dodge the rain.  But we arrived safe, had a Jack and went to bed.

Cliff Top Restaurant, home of Company’s Coming Pie, and the mountains of the Ozarks.

This morning, Jon and I took off for a 4 hour ride that included some really great twisty, mountain roads and involved a piece of pie called “Company’s Coming Pie.”  Don’t know for sure what all was in it, but it included pecans, pineapple, meringue and a flaky crust.  Very sweet, but good.  

Marilyn and Ulla spent the morning shopping/walking through Eureka Springs and met us for lunch when we finished our 150 mile ride.  After lunch the four of us went on another, shorter ride of about 1 hour but also through some beautiful country and along a part of Table Rock Lake.  Marilyn, preferring not to ride on twisty mountain roads, climbed on behind me for the short ride.

Tomorrow we really do head for home.  Destination Olive Branch, Mississippi.  Then Columbus, GA, Monday night and home on Tuesday.

A few more short blog posts and a wrap-up after we get back.


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  1. Ski says :

    cliff Top Restaurant pic quite a view.

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