Great Alaska Adventure: Riding Straight Up and Down Again

The sky was overcast when we left Saskatoon at 8 a.m. and the weather forecasters were suggesting rain was a possibility along the corridor to Edmonton, so we suited up again. But other than additional protection from cool weather we never needed rain gear today. And more importantly, what little wind there was blew directly at us as we headed west. Riding perpendicular to the road again was a pleasant change from yesterday’s wind-blown slant riding. Today was chilly (53-63 degrees) but not bad and warmer than we’ll probably find after we turn north again in a few days as we head toward Fairbanks on the Alaska Highway. I didn’t wear heated gear and didn’t feel like I needed it, but Marilyn enjoyed her toasty jacket liner and gloves, leaving her leather jacket in the saddle bags.

The ride through Saskatchewan this morning was more of the flat, endless acres of wheat and other crops broken by prairie pothole ponds. But almost immediately after lunch and entry into Alberta, the character of the ground changed and rolling hills became the dominant feature.

The ride was generally uneventful, but I’m not complaining. There will be eventual days ahead, I’m sure.

Hanna was excited to get to Edmonton because Alberta has an 18-year-old drinking age and she chose for her first (legal) drink a chocolate, Kahlua and rum mixture. I suggested a shot of Mr. Daniel’s fine Tennessee elixir but she was set on her choice. Bottoms up. I can’t remember my first “legal” drink. Plenty of experience in high school and the Navy before I turned 21, though. I guess “legal” didn’t matter much by the time I got there.

A day off tomorrow in Edmonton for laundry, sight seeing and maybe a short night on the town.

“I can’t wait to get on the road again.”

Location:Edmonton, AB


2 responses to “Great Alaska Adventure: Riding Straight Up and Down Again”

  1. nuke53 says :

    Good to see you are providing proper grand-parental support to Hanna! Looks like a good day of riding. Travel safe.

  2. Ski says :

    Lots to see in Edmonton.Some where near there there. is the largest wood sculpture of a mallard duck. Should be seeing snow cap Mts soon. Ride safe my friends.

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