Ride West: Day 28 HOME

Despite Hurricane Isaac’s efforts to slow my pace, I made it home about 2 hours ago, 28 days and 8, 843 miles after I left. As anyone who has been reading the blog knows, it was a great trip. But it’s good to be back.

Yesterday was a dry day. I went about 700 miles from Wichita to Tupelo, Mississippi (birthplace and boyhood home of Elvis). A pretty easy ride. I was careful to follow the posted speed laws in Oklahoma. Arkansas and Mississippi were, of course, a different story. Today clouds from Hurricane Issac were overhead from the time I left Tupelo until the time I got home, but I didn’t see any rain until 10 minutes after lunch; then I had rain or wet roads the final five hours. I kept going through the outer bands of the circulation from Issac. In Twisted Rider speak that’s known as “punching through.” But I stayed dry inside my rain suit and got home safely.

This will be the last blog post for a while. When I ride again, I’ll start it up and try to let everyone know.

Thanks again for following along and letting me share my experiences.



One response to “Ride West: Day 28 HOME”

  1. George Howard says :

    Welcome Home DrD! It has been fun following along with you throughout this trip. If things work out, perhaps we can join you on your next jaunt.

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