Ride West: Day 24 to Wichita

Not much to say tonight. I rode with the Twisted Riders from Westminster to Salina, Ks, where we parted ways as they continued on their ride home to Indiana, with an overnight stop near Kansas City.

Rode through some light rain in western Kansas and some heavy rain south of Salina. The spray sealer Curt sprayed on my rain pants seemed to work. No leaks!

Going to bed early for a change and will work on a ride summary tomorrow.

“I can’t wait to get on the road again.”


One response to “Ride West: Day 24 to Wichita”

  1. Ron McCain says :

    Great posts for the last serveral weeks. I have enjoyed reading them all and great pictures. Did you know what the rainsuit spray sealer was called I am interested in it as my suit is the less expensive Harley-Davidson one and it does leak in the worst place that you could image at the crotch.

    Jeep safe and dry as Isaac is coming.

    Thanks for the postsas they are fun to read.

    See ya,
    Ron McCain

    was the sealer spray

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