Ride West: Day 4 to McAlester, OK

Left Kenner this morning at 6:30 knowing I had a long, hot day ahead. Hilary saw me off but the girls were sacked out. Probably easier to say goodbye while they’re sleeping anyway.

The morning ride–all interstate–was cool, comfortable and as pleasant as a ride on a straight highway can be. I didn’t see my first 100 degree temperature reading until after lunch when I was headed north in Texas. When I saw a thermometer at the 104 mark, I remembered that the day I did an iron butt ride (1000 mile) it was 107. That memory, however, didn’t make me feel any cooler today. I drank about a gallon of water and kept my mesh jacket and neck coolie on all day and the 10 hour ride wasn’t really too bad.

One of the best things about riding cross county (or even around town) is stumbling on a great little eatery at the end of the day. Tonight was one of those stumbles. A little, 12-table, one waitress, mom-and-pop home cookin’ kind of place. The appeal isn’t just the food which is often good but not great. It’s kind of like Cheers without the bar. Everyone’s friendly, most of the customers are repeats, and you order desert (blackberry cobbler and ice cream) just so you can hang around longer. It’s a good way to cap off a ride.

If you want Four Seasons, go to New York. If you want Americana, look for local license plates and 18-wheelers.

Tomorrow: A short ride (6 hours) to Wichita for two days with family.

“I can’t wait to get on the road again.”


2 responses to “Ride West: Day 4 to McAlester, OK”

  1. Ron McCain says :

    Wishing I was there on the road with you

  2. George Howard says :

    Hey DrD! Great story you have going here. I enjoy “armchair riding” with you, but like all the others, quite disappointed we are not in the saddle alongside.

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